May 2nd, 2004

breaking bad

Final post on this subject

Matthew Yglesias posts on the links between our tolerance of the abuse of prison inmates, as discussed here recently, and the foul treatment of Moslem prisoners of war that we have seen over the past few days. He concludes.

the system is fairly fucked up

I think the sickness at the heart of our society is a desire to be in the right, to believe that 'good' is a side to belong to rather than an adjective. And the alternative to that sickness is not postmodernism, but humanism.
breaking bad


It has been quite a lot of fun frittering this morning away at the computer.

Consider this statement:

For men (orgasm) is quick, easy and essential for reproduction. For women, it is slow, difficult and purely for pleasure. Yet despite such differences, it brings the sexes together and is the basis of the monogamy that distinguishes us from other animals.

I think this paragraph has nine different assertions, and I think probably six of them are obviously wrong, and another (brings the sexes together) a bit iffy. What is it about sex that makes people talk nonsense?
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