April 20th, 2004

breaking bad

Nothing to see here

arkaroo wrote recently about how there was nothing on TV that he liked any more. This is what I watch on TV nowadays:

Some American crime shows, e.g. Columbo, CSI, that one about Missing People, and that one with Vincent d'Onofrio.

Some British sit-coms: at present Black Books and Father Ted (the other ones I like aren't on any more).

The News (various)

University Challenge


(I also like to watch short series, one-offs, some documentaries, SF, 24 and the Simpsons, but none of those are on at present)

It doesn't look that much but I suppose it averages out into an hour or two a day, which is quite a lot really.

EDIT - How could I forget? I also watch Six Feet Under, which finishes this week. I think it's brilliant.
breaking bad

The young people of today

I wrote a little while ago about 'chavs' and it seems clear that 'townies' is the more widely understood term for this subgroup of British society, at least in schools.

Further research reveals that the Goths are always with us, but honoured more in the breach than in the observance.

The third group are called 'Grebs' in the schools in my area. 'Grebos' by their enemies. Grebs may be identified by being unkempt and gloomy and reading books. You know the type.

These terms ring bells with you? Or are there different ones in use in your area?