April 19th, 2004

breaking bad

Dear diary: No-one shot at me today

A discussion today in the Guardian about blogging, between Salam Pax (remember when right wingers used to claim he was a work of fiction?) livejournal's own rhodri, and Gregor Wright. Dig Gregor's funky design.

Blogging is slightly addictive, but so is wanking.

It is like wishing you were a crash test dummy: "Let's go watch a demonstration and see if any Americans start shooting at us." After a while you realise that you really are going to these places because you know they will make great blog entries.

Incidentally, the pull-out section of the Guardian was edited today by the band Franz Ferdinand. I have heard of them so I am funky too.
breaking bad

Page 3 stunna

One good thing that Franz Ferdinand did was to publish a page 3 picture of bottomless man (as opposed to a topless woman). Here is that naughty picture if you want to see it. Warning - it has been judged obscene.

Damn, I knew you wouldn't be shocked.

Here is a discussion with the photographer. Virtually everything he says is good, and worth quoting.

My G2 page three - John and Paula, Sitting Bottomless - comes from that series. The magazine published John and Paula, Sitting Bottomless, but couldn't do so without it being censored. And so John appeared with a big orange dot covering his penis.

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