March 22nd, 2004

breaking bad

Mystic River

I went to see 'Mystic River' last night. Not a particularly brilliant film, but it is the second time I have seen Sean Penn in the last few days, and it has confirmed my belief that he is a quite brilliant actor. I was wondering who are the best actors nowadays in my blog recently, and I now think I've got a better grasp of the question.

- there are entertaining actors who are fine showmen, who give a big fuck-off performance, like rock stars: Depp, Crowe, Bean etc.

- there are intelligent actors, who lend grace and style to the performance, and enhance the dialogue in particular: Kenneth Branagh and Kevin Spacey seem to be top

- there are subtle actors, who convey by physical means nuances that are not readily expressed in words. And I think that Sean Penn is the finest example of this I have seen in a modern actor. Certainly the two performances I have seen this last week were exemplary, without hitting you over the head with charisma