March 17th, 2004

breaking bad

awww, why not a little penguin?

happytune is getting married this year. Today she showed me pictures of a lovely silver necklace that has been designed for her bridesmaids, based on the Debian swirl.

For those not in the know, debian is a free open source operating system, along the lines of Linux, for people for whom Linux isn't technical and obscure enough. It's based on Linux and that GNU Unix.

If you are jealous, and would like your own debian jewellery, happytune points to to this site which specialises in just that. The man who is making the hand-made jewellery for her - and it looks lovely - has a web site here .
breaking bad

Courage in Spain

On Sunday I went to a Quaker meeting. In Britain, Quakers collect in silence, and people occasionally stand up and say a few words. A very old man spoke briefly about his experiences as a conscientious objector during the second world war, and the tolerance with which he was treated by those who had chosen a different path.

A woman stood and simply said that we should remember the people of Spain. Without warning I found I was crying and I couldn't stop. I think I had been avoiding confronting this event for days.

I can not express my feelings better than by borrowing these words from Harry's place.
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