March 13th, 2004

breaking bad

Spare us the cutter

Like cruisedirector I am disturbed that this woman has been charged with murder for refusing a caesarian. An added complication is that according to the guardian she actually did have a caesarian, but one of the babies was delivered dead - her crime was not to refuse a caesarian, but to delay it because she was scared.
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I have a question for the authorities - if a baby would die unless the father donated a kidney, but he was too frightened to undergo the operation - would you charge him with murder? I don't believe so. If a baby will die unless you walk into a burning building, does that make you a murderer if you are too frightened to go into the fire? I hope I would be tough enough to do either of those things, but who can judge those who are too scared? This woman already had two caesarians, like me, and she delayed her decision to have a third. Does that make her Myra Hindley?