January 28th, 2004

breaking bad

Asbestos underpants required

Oh, man, I just got flamed I think. NB - not by anyone on my friends or friends-of-friends lists so please don't worry that I may have misinterpreted some light comment. This has never happened to me on livejournal before. In fact it's probably years since it's happened in any context. It's really horrible, my heart is racing and I feel a bit shaky. Wow. Forgot that virtual reality could hurt.

Anyway, I think, I hope, I was polite and neutral in response, said I didn't want any conflict, and left the community. Though it's hard to say because I literally felt a bit dizzy as I was typing the response. I'm certain that I partly invited the attack through the style and content of what I posted prior to the flame. I think I'm perhaps not careful enough about how I phrase things, because I'm used to hanging out with friends on the Internet, who put my 'I don't like this book' style comments into some kind of broader context.

What also scares me is that the acerbic comments I sometimes make might hit polite or shy people the way that this hit me. I hate that thought. In fact the whole event makes me a bit scared to do or say anything for fear of hurting myself or others.

UPDATE - feeling better now. Sorry about that. What a funk.
breaking bad

Cabin fever sets in

BTW I'm stuck in my office, because the roads between here and home are all blocked with stationary traffic . Well, as far into the distance as I can see they are. I'm a bit ashamed to post this in a journal I know could be read by Swedes, Canadians, Mid-Westerners, Scottish. You see, we had about an inch of snow today. Yes, a whole inch. British civilisation may not last the night.
breaking bad

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Fromnostalgia_lj. That list of books 'most frequently banned from libraries' (in the US). Like nostalgia i thought it would be interesting to see which ones I (and you) have read.
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There seem to be several categories of banned book here (in order of my annoyance):

- pornographic or exploitative books with massive sex and violence content: I can kind of understand why a librarian might not want to stock them. Although I've read several of them myself, I don't care much one way or another if they are available in libraries or not (please feel free to disagree)

- other worthless bits of trash. They shouldn't be banned, but - yawn - who can work up a head of steam on this?

- sex guides for adults. For gods sake, put them in the adult section and shut up.

- books which deal with upsetting or controversial subjects like racism or abuse. The stupidity of banning these must strike anybody forcibly

- books which seek to inform children about the basics of sex and relationships. It annoys me intensely that these are banned. grrr.

- books which may raise questions about religious or political subjects in people's minds. aaargh. foaming at mouth now.

- books which I have no idea why they were banned. Of mice and men? James and the giant peach? I'm not even annoyed about these, I'm just bewildered.