January 21st, 2004

breaking bad


The new comedy 'Shameless' is worth a view. David Thewlis plays a single parent bringing up 6 kids on benefit, on a council estate in Manchester. I think it's well plotted, unpredictable, good dialogue, good acting from all concerned (except maybe the youngest kids, but they aren't bad).

In last night's episode he achieved some kind of triumph by leaving the five youngest kids to be brought up by the eldest girl, and moving in permanently with an agrophobic woman who had plenty of hot water. I don't know exactly what she did to him, but it was noticeable that he was sitting on a cushion for the rest of the episode.

The series is written by by Paul Abbot, drawing extensively on his own experiences growing up.
breaking bad

Lost in Translation

I went to see Lost in Translation. I enjoyed it a lot, though the rest of the audience seemed a bit restless, and as they left I heard several men complaining to their girlfriends. I think it succesfully immersed you, in the manner of a dream, in the lives of the protagonists. I felt intoxicated by jet lag. It was quite hypnotic. I normally find the typical Hollywood ancient old codger/pretty young thing relationship repulsive in the extreme, but this is not revolting, mainly I suppose because they don't get it on.