January 20th, 2004

breaking bad

Rocks off

This is a very interesting livejournal posting on feminism and sexuality. I don't know the background of the writer: seems to gender-identify in an unusual way, which I didn't stop to figure out, because I was more interested in the content.

I feel oftentimes like I'm supposed to believe having an open, diverse sexuality and simply, honestly acting on it, is antifeminist, unless I want to camp with the people who think stripping is empowering.

It's the second phrase that I like. Because I don't think replacing a sexless feminist model with one where women are 'empowered' by giving men pleasure, is that much of an improvement. In fact I think it's probably worse. Because in neither model is there any room for female pleasure (apart from indirectly: 'I'm happy you're happy, darling')

Anyway, I think it's worth reading the whole article.