January 13th, 2004

breaking bad

there are two kinds of people: those who have guns, and those who dig

A great article on 2blowhards: by which I mean that it expresses opinions I agree with. Lots and lots of comments, which are also worth reading through.

He distinguishes between 'movie people' and 'book people' (but ignore that, the names are just illustrative). He means people love both high and low brow, and people who shun the lowbrow. Those who take pleasure and those who take status.

The movie-people view is that high and low need each other... what books-people love isn't books; what they love is their own standards

But of course these two attitudes are not really segregated, they intermingle in both the book and movie worlds. However it is particularly easy to find example of 'book-people' attitudes in relation to published fiction. Read any of the reports on the Big Read, on the Lord of the Rings, on Science Fiction, on reading Children's Literature. Yipes.

I think it boils down to vitality. Some people gravitate to books as sources of social points. Some people gravitate to films to have intense pleasurable experiences. But it isn't the medium that matters, it's the reason for turning to it.