January 12th, 2004

breaking bad

More on Cold Mountain

I am now reading Cold Mountain, which is quite entertaining. I am trying to complete the survey on book-to-film issues at the moment, which is enriching the experience by encouraging me to cogitate on the differences.

The biggest difference I have spotted so far between film and book is the character of Inman.

In the book he is ISTP: that is the personality type of a craftsman or gunslinger. Emotionally reserved, physically competent and individualistic. Clint Eastwood or Soolin (in Blakes 7). In the chapter I just read he compares fighting to woodworking, a craft skill. This is almost textbook ISTP.

But the film Inman, as played by Jude Law, is ISFP, the introverted sensual: like Marilyn Monroe or Morrissey. He's vulnerable, passive and modest. I'm still half way through the book, so the two intepretations may converge.
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