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So Andrea Dworkin died. She said that sex in our society often involved coercion and was vilified as a harridan who claimed that 'all men are rapists'. (Some) sociobiologists say 'rape is a successful male reproductive strategy' and are lauded as commendably objective and cool headed. Political power shapes judgements.

There is so much violence and abuse going on, and it isn't seen. The suffering of selected individuals is scrutinised with minute attention and emotional engagement, but other examples of suffering are ignored. Once you get to know people (*), and present yourself as someone who will listen in a non-hostile way you hear many stories that are disturbing and enlightening. So much unnecessary suffering. So much selfishness and thoughtless violence.

My strongest emotional reaction sometimes is 'why aren't they screaming?' Why aren't we all screaming? Dworkin was a vivid extreme personality who was screaming. Perhaps all art ought to be screaming.

(*) On reading - this sounds patronising. I know you know all this already; I know you are open listeners who hear all sorts of confidences. I'm just sort of drawing attention to it.

EDIT # 2 Read this eulogy for Dworkin by a pro-pornography feminist, a beautifully written piece from an 'enemy'
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