December 29th, 2003

breaking bad

'I am not a prat'

I watched 'The Office' Christmas special with all my brothers and sisters. I've just realised I don't want to say too much about it, for fear of spoilers.

I think archbishopm commented on watching Star Trek with friends and relations who watch in the same way as yourself. Watching The Office with my sibs was fun in that way. They shout out 'OH NO!' and Cheer and boo in an appropriate way. The only Scrooge-type reaction was from my brother who harrumphed at everything that wasn't humiliating to the main characters.

Conversely, everyone else thought I was too soppy because I kept saying 'Oh, poor David'. But I feel sorry for the stupid git. The biggest cheer of the evening was when he told Finchy to 'Fuck Off'. Yay!

I believe everybody secretly feels they are just as big a git as David Brent. And kind of hate Neil because he represents everyone who is better than oneself. Just nicer, cooler, more fluent in life. Or perhaps it's just that my friends and relations are as neurotic as me.

Download clips of The Office christmas special here.

AND postscript. See some lovely pictures of brent-alikes here. "There's thousands of them sarge."