December 16th, 2003

breaking bad

Finger exercises

Things that have caught my eye:

0.5% of the population of the world is descended from a single man who lived about 700 years ago. Most of these people live in the territories of the ancient Mongol empire (constituting a massive 8% of local populations), and there is relatively good reason to believe that man was Genghis Khan.

'Genghis Khan: more heterosexual than Alexander the Great'

Hollywood Madam is investigating a very interesting question: is it better to read the book before or after you see the film? If you want to take part in this experiment read this page. Incidentally the book/film used for this experiment is 'Cold Mountain'. And we know why we want to see that don't we readers?

NASA blames Powerpoint for its manifest failures. Metafilter discusses.

'PowerPoint hasn't made people dumb, but its ease of use has allowed dumb people to make presentations.'

'I just came from a corporate update meeting where both the CEO and CFO read from the slides verbatim.'

Yep. Glad that never happens.