November 27th, 2003

breaking bad

You'll never have a better boss than me. Fact.

As Ursula Le Guin put it 'Light is the left hand of darkness'. Or as The Tao Te Ching says 'Virtue that is virtuous is not real virtue'.

Or as fun junkie says If the gooder you get, the more evil is contained within, and the eviler you get the gooder you are, then there comes a point whereby good and evil intersect. We're therefore looking at a horseshoe shape.

Now, for the first time, the interface of good and evil is available for scrutiny here. And it's populated with TV celebrities!

Stolen from Nick.
breaking bad

Moving pictures

Film I want to see, but I'm not allowed to drive the car to the cinema yet: Master and Commander.

(note to self - persuade partner he wants to see it)

Film I will have to see because I promised my son I'd take him, when drugged up on morphine (that's my excuse anyway): Matrix 3

Film I saw this week on a family trip with partner and kids, and liked a lot: Seabiscuit

Gratuituous preview picture for the movie Troy. guh. Which character is this supposed to be? Achilles? Hector? Who frickin' cares? Men should wear skirts more often. (taken from klose)