October 27th, 2003

breaking bad

Missive from behind the sofa

Over the weekend I watched a little of a program of Channel 4 presenting the '100 scariest moments' from film and TV. At number 97 I was electrified to see the show that frightened me, as a child, more than anything before or since. To the extent that just hearing its name sent a thrill of remembered terror through me.

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breaking bad

Roger and out

I'm going on holiday today: only a short one - less than a week. This means flying to the Canaries. I'm a bit scared of flying. I think it will be OK though.

After posting about the Sex Pistols and Silver Machine I re-read the chapter of my work in progress (code name 'Pretty Vacant') which is entitled 'Still feeling mean'. All my chapters, in a tiresome conceit, are named after bits of pop songs.

How I wish that chapter hadn't been about a plane crash in the Canaries.