October 25th, 2003

breaking bad

Sideways through time

This is my Concord memory. Last year I went to see the Sex Pistols at the decaying Crystal Palace athletics track, from the post-war Olympic rebuild. In the middle of their set they played 'Silver Machine'.

It was a great moment for me. Silver Machine was the first single I ever bought. It is an SF pop song, which is a genre I adore. The Sex Pistols were connecting themselves back into a chain of British music, which they had initially repudiated (remember the 'I hate Pink Floyd' T shirt?).They were working class, and middle aged like me. They were ridiculous in some ways, but full of spunk. They played the song very well, very assertively.

As they played - and this is no exaggeration either of time or space - Concord flew over the stage. I suppose it was coming down into Gatwick or Heathrow. Had they planned it? I don't know.

It was an experience of huge melancholy sweetness.

Last night I went to hear happytune in concert. She sang 'Why Must the Winter Come So Soon?' A good question.