September 23rd, 2003

breaking bad

SF fans are from... er... Arcturus I guess

Reading archbishopm ranting amusingly about an anti-gay-marriage pamphlet put through her door.

Still laughing at that when I turned to Alas a Blog, written by a guy ('ampersand') whom I find very endearing, although I know nothing about him except his web log. He's talking about the very same issue (well it is 'du jour' I guess).

Anyway, he quickly diverts onto the subject of gender roles. I love this post so much because it is a treat to read someone, anyone, somewhere in the world, who has the same opinions as me about this. And the fact that it is a man expressing those opinions somehow just confirms that the fashionable notion that men and women can have nothing in common, are Mars and Venus, is a load of bloody hogwash.
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breaking bad

my route to work

I was cycling to work this morning through Canley Ford, and I thought 'this is so beautiful, I wonder if there is a picture on line that I can show on my blog'.

It is a deep lane which is supposed to be over a thousand years old. So much nicer than driving up the A45. I go on the bridge to the right of the picure BTW, not through the water.