September 8th, 2003

breaking bad

Your face here --->

This weekend I was mostly reading 'Your face here' which is a book about British cult movies. Those with keen eyesight will spot the subtle visual link to this blog. One of the most enjoyable film books I've read in ages.

What is a cult movie? I suppose one that is kept alive by an obsessive fanbase, long into its future. It also has to be iconic, that is, it has to define a stylistic standard. And I think it would be pointless to include massively successful films like the Python films, The Full Monty or Alien.

This book further limits itself to British films, set in Britain (or a fantasy version of Britain), since the start of the TV age (hence no Powell and Pressburger, or Noel Coward etc.). What do you think of their choices?

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breaking bad

Ode to insomnia

"To Sleep"

What is the charge, young god, what have I done
Alone to be denied, in desperate straits,
Epitome of Calm, your treasure, Sleep?
Hush holds enmeshed each herd, fowl, prowling beast;
The trees, capitulating, nod to aching sleep;
The raging floods relinquish their firm roar;
The heavy sea has ceased and the oceans curl
Upon the lap of land to sink and rest.
The moon has now in seven visits seen
My wild eyes staring; seven stars of dawn
And twilight have returned to me
And sunrise, transient witness of distress,
Has in compassion sprayed dew from her whip.
Where is the strength I need? It would defeat
The consecrated Argus, thousand-eyed
Despite the watch that one part of him keeps,
Nerves taught, on guard relentlessly.
Oh Sleep, some couple, bodies interlocked,
Must shut you from their night-long ecstasy;
So come to me. I issue no demand
That you enfold mine eyes with your wings--
Let all the world, more fortunate, beg that.
Your wand-tip's mere caress, your hovering form
Poised lightly on tiptoe: that is enough.

-- Statius

from minstrels