September 5th, 2003

breaking bad

'Hip', 'Pop' music eh?

Academcs can always be relied upon to confound expectations and reveal truths never before suspected.

new research by Martin Corbett from Warwick Business School reveals large corporations increasingly use hip pop music to develop loyal, hard-working employees,

But, alas, all is not well.

It is certainly not always the case that songs entice employees to readily identify with their company and unite

Tell us more.

Songs are also used subversively to provide resistance to work. In fact, many ‘official’ songs are received with cynicism by employees, or even result in embarrassment.


see and hear examples of bloody awful company songs here.

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breaking bad

no exit

Plig has a post that is well worth reading, about the adaptation of High Fidelity, the book by Nick Hornby, as a John Cusack film. We may have feared in advance that Americanising the story would have spoiled it, but on the whole it worked extremely well.

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