September 3rd, 2003

breaking bad

untimely ripped

A story in 'Body and Soul' about her experience of childbirth under the private health system. 'My daughter was born by c-section on Saturday night and insurance being what it is, we were home early on Monday morning'. What???

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Shit, I've had a Caesarian. I couldn't even move to get comfy in the bed for two days. I could only turn my head on the pillow to suck water out of a bottle. I can remember thinking 'I just have to endure the pain until my body heals'. And of course eventually it did, so that at last I could sit up, then stand holding onto something, and eventually walk. But this took a week.

A follow-up to this may be found in 'Why your wife won't have sex with you' (which seems to be a blog about the politics of birth and parenthood)

A piece of legislation Bill Clinton signed in 1996 requiring insurers to pay for hospital stays of at least 48 hours following normal childbirth and 96 hours following a Caesarian -- unless a mom herself wants to go home sooner

Or in short... Medicine and employment practice can not be determined by market considerations alone. Because the result is horror.
breaking bad


I meant to post that I finished 'The Crimson Petal and the White' a couople of weeks ago. It became one of those 'have to stay awake reading until your eyes shut of their own accord' deals.

Here is another review.

Victorians didn't want to hear the truth that Faber so robustly reveals: that their own attitudes toward women and sex warped the human beings of their day, male and female, into even more grotesque shapes than they ordinarily take. But there is no preaching here, only an exquisite, heartbreaking sympathy, even for the confused and monstrous character of William Rackham.

Sympathy for all characters, without sentimentalising evil. That's the key to a decent multi-character novel I think. This one is a worthy successor to Georges Ellliot, Gissing, Meredith and the rest.