August 13th, 2003

breaking bad

some kind of quiz thing

I have stolen this quiz wholesale from Vitamin Q.

How many of the following words are meaningful to you?

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I reckon I recognise 38 of those words.

Check the real meanings here (it's the second of the two posts).

I only got 26 right. I imagine I know the meaning of a word, but when it comes down to it all I know is 'it's a town somewhere' or 'a kind of game of some sort'.

FWIW these are the words I knew (as opposed to thought I knew).

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How about you?
breaking bad

that sex squid you owe me

A report on 'sex crazed' giant squid off the coast of New Zealand.

A male giant squid uses its muscular elongated penis - up to 1.5m long - to "inject" sperm packages under pressure directly into the arms of females. Dr O'Shea has found males implanted with their own spermatophores.

"If we are talking about a 200kg squid, this is an animal with a 20g brain," he told New Scientist. "It's not very bright and it is trying to co-ordinate a metre-long penis. He's going to get a bit confused."