August 12th, 2003

breaking bad


My boss at work got married this weekend. So we all missed the final episode of '24'. I'm going to watch it on video at work this lunchtime with edblog (a composite entity) and techiedu. I'm excited.
breaking bad

what I read on holiday

These are the books | can remember reading:

Infinite Jest (the first 200-odd pages and some other non-sequential portions) by David Foster Wallace
Under the Skin by Michael Faber
Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan
Moominsummer Madness by Tove Janssen
Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett

Note I have included a link to a picture of Michael Faber because he is the most good looking writer ever in my opinion. In fact it's difficult to think of too many handsome writers. Will Self is sexy I suppose, if you like that sort of thing, and China Mieville appeals to some I know.

I'd be interested in your opinions on this most superficial of topics. Best looking writers, of either sex?

I might post some short reviews of these books, in a bit if anyone is interested.
breaking bad


So we were naughty enough to book a meeting room at work, and arrange for the video equipment to be set up, just so we could watch the last episode of 24.


Bit of a problem with the video tracking so the image kept getting scrunched up. I had a feeling through the scrunches and snow that some of the images were very strong. The scenes with Sherri were like a spaghetti western

Highlight for me:Tony Almeida smiles - awww. I think he should have his own show.

On the other hand I felt indifferent to President Palmer dying - perhaps because he was always a bit too saintly for this world.

If you would like to read a proper analysis of 24 go to sight and sound.

Viewers were not simply asking story questions like, "Do you trust Senator Palmer's wife?" Or, "Are Jack and Nina over?" No, we were identifying with the team behind the show, and their self-imposed dilemma. We wanted to know, "How are they going to spin this out through the middle sections without losing us?" Or, "It's not just who is the traitor, but is anyone telling the truth?" Or, "The secret is, it's all about cell phones." In other words, the team behind 24 had cottoned on to the idea that while their 'story' was delirious, their own strategies and machinations in storytelling, or in doing serial television, were equally riveting.

Or read the 24 weblog which has a whole bunch of great stuff.