August 5th, 2003

breaking bad

is it this, or that?

There is a civilised discussion on Electrolyte of the Vatican allegations that gay marriages are evil.

The discussion covers a lot of additional ground, including the division between so-called literary and media SF fans (coincidentally, also the current topic of discussion by Mr Happy).
Also a discussion of 'why Fundamentalists think RPGs are evil'. I don't personally play RPGs, or have much interest in them, no offence to enthusiasts. However the following post from Avram interested me a great deal.

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Perhaps for some people complexity is evil. I am reminded of the anthropological conception of 'pollution' as the mixing of categories. The mixing or confusion of distinct conceptual categories is associated with anxiety and hostility. We can see this most clearly in other societies which divide the world along diferent concenptual lines than ourselves. I think the fear of complexity (incl. fear of homosexuality, feminism, fiction etc.) is fundamentally fear of pollution of categories.