May 20th, 2003

breaking bad

the light is taking me to pieces

When I was in my twenties I read Alan Moore's 'Watchmen'. But I read it in the way that you watch a scary movie, through my fingertips. The experience was almost too intense. I had an urge to re-read it, recently, and ordered it via Amazon. I had to wait two months for it to arrive, though I note they are now saying 'despatch within 24 hours' so I think there has been a recent print run.

I think structure is a vitally important aspect of narrative, in particular of films. 'Watchmen' is so intricately structured that one can hardly believe it. In some cases each panel participates in two or three different structural features, while including a further two or three iconic cross-refernces. It is an awesome work.

The plot, the characterisastion, and even the graphical style, are not (IMHO) outstanding. What is awesome is the structure. There are quite a few online sites drawing attention to some of the most interesting features. Here are some links for anyone who is interested.

They say there is a movie coming up - the time is certainly propitious. I tend to think that any movie could be nothing but a pale imitation. I would prefer it to be directed by Terry Gilliam, but that is not looking likely at the moment. It may be scripted (and/or perhaps directed?) by David Hayter, who wrote X2. I hope they don't pick him to direct it. I think Ridley Scott might be a good choice - but what do I know?

Thoughts on casting (groan) to follow.
breaking bad

At midnight, all the agents

So, I am thinking a lot about casting the 'Watchmen' movie. Hmmm, can't really do this without spoilers, so be warned. Look away now, and go to Amazon to buy this book. Seriously, this post will spoil the book if you haven't read it.


I suppose the key figures are Rorschach, Nite Owl, Ozymandias and Dr Manhattan. The Comedian is only seen in flashback, but he's important to get right. Also the two women, Silk Spectre I and II.

Bear in mind I forget how to spell all famous names.

David Hayter is down as affirming that he would not consider David Caruso as Rorschach, despite the strong physical resemblance between the actor and the character. Somehow I quite like the idea though. My second choice would be Ed Norton, I think. This is a great role, and there's a whole bunch of skinny, screwed up, American actors who could be great in the role.

Nite Owl. I read somebody's suggestion that this character should be played by Tim Robbins, and I like it. I can't think of a better casting.

Ozymandias. Aryan, buff and left wing, with a slight tendency to insanity. I'm thinking Woody Harrelson here. Christian Bale might be good too.

The Comedian. I would love to see this role played by Steve Martin, but I can't see him agreeing to play a rapist and murderer. Willem Dafoe probably would though.

Silk Spectre #2 - Carrie Anne Moss? Too cliched? But fits the role well.

SS #1 - I'd like to cast Susan Sarandon, but she is a bit too young, and a lot too pretty. Still, love to see her in anything, so she's on my dream cast.

Dr Manhattan is quite hard to cast. Big 'n' blue 'n' bare. Doesn't get old. Perfect features. Somewhat god-like and disengaged. I'd say Harrison Ford but he's too damn old now. How about Jude Law? I know he isn't American, but he can do a decent stab at the accent, and he's prepared to get his kit off. But is he quite butch enough? Other than him I'm stumped.

If anyone has any other suggestions on any of these I'm happy to hear 'em, and I'm going to ask on some of my mailing lists too.