April 1st, 2003

breaking bad

Riot on my own

Fed up with the poverty of historicism? Endorse the view that the masses not the masters are the true agents of social change? Thought so.

Join the London Riot Re-Enactment Society and stage re-enactments of some of the real battles that made this country what it is today.

All the thrills and spills of the Gordon Riots

In a week of looting and rioting several thousand re-enactors will systematically destroy the prisons in London one by one. ... We will raid a huge gin distillery in Holborn and literally drink ourselves to death. ... One lucky re-enactor will dress as William Blake, aged 23, who was in the front of the crowd (costume could include a bow of burning gold and arrows of desire).

If this is your idea of a good night out, then you are the kind of person the LRRS needs.

There will be opportunities to restage the Brixton Riots ('Re-enacting will spread to other parts of London') and the poll tax riots ('start searching in cupboards, attics and charity shops for authentic 1990's clothing')

I'm also tempted by their final offer

"We could re-enact riots that so far exist only in books or films. One idea would be to re-enact the riot at the end of Seaton Point. It involves police, bailiffs, vampires and a portal to hell under a tower block in Hackney. If you have any other suggestions for fictitious London riots to re-enact please send them in."

Fictional riots eh? There's 'If' of course 're-enactors will machine gun innocent bystanders from the roof' hmm... welcome further suggestions