March 26th, 2003

breaking bad

Open Source Code in Education

Simple End User Linux (SEUL)

SEUL/edu is dedicated to furthering the use of Linux and other open resources in education. This covers all aspects of educational uses of Linux, by teachers, parents, and students.

You can connect to their site at

Linux for Schools Project (lfsp)
This project has been set up to:

- Manage Linux user accounts in bulk
- Set up PHP and MySQL enabled personal webspace
- Encourage pupils to write their own home pages
- Help pupils learn the multi-user Linux environment.

Find out more at
breaking bad


Hmm.. I logged in as the wrong person by accident.

That last post was supposed to go to an educational weblog that I have set through my work.

My political instincts are grassroots-up, rather than elite-down. Although I am personally quite a domineering person.

That's why (for instance) I don't think Feminism can ever be eradicated, because it is held within each individual woman, rather than being centred on leaders who can be subverted, or a political party that can go wrong. A distributed system.

Anyway, it seems obvious that weblogs support such a distributed system. And it's not the content that is subversive so much as the flatness of the structure. I thought therefore that I'd set up a blog that can be used to demonstrate this structure.