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What is a life for?

Chris Clark's mum went through a string of unsuitable men, and the last - Stephen Morin - turned out to be a serial killer. Chris tells the story, gets a string of thoughtful comments, in one of the most interesting and moving blog posts I have read for a while.

Parts of the story that made me stop and think:

- Chris helping Morin to staple carpet to the inside of his van - unwittingly sound-proofing the rape/torture/murder location. Who knows what will come of the things we do.

- Morin saving Chris's life through quick thinking and - yes - empathy. Evil people can do brave and compassionate things.

- Chris' mom, Rita, in the comments. She gradually realised that her lover was a serial killer, and despite her disorganised life she got it together to turn him in. Rita says:

I may have been a rotten mother, but as I walked the lonely beaches of the Gulf
Coast, I began to believe that my raison d'etre was to end a killing spree of
many years by this incredibly disturbed man.

- Chris' brother, Craig, in the comments:

You know, Chris, I always thought it was strange that the whole Ray thing
affected you so much. My weird emotional brother, always oversensitive, always
internalizing everything. It wasn't until this morning thinking about this that I realized that my
reaction was the weird one. I had already completely walled myself off from
everything. A fucking serial killer driving me to school each morning was just
more of the same old bullshit and chaos "out there."

- James Dobson (yes, him again, I can't believe it!) has linked to this story, and some of his followers have made comments. This arose because Chris is sceptical of Marin's supposed 'conversion' to Christianity on Texas gaol. He thinks this was another example of Marin's manipulative lies. Sincere Chrstians post saying they believe otherwise.

Further discussion at metafilter and Michael Berube's blog.
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