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Long post on MBTI theory

It's a long time since I linked to an MBTI test, but there's quite a good one here. The test is right at the bottom, you have to click the radio button at the very end, which has FD33 next to it. While the test seems quite good to me, the results are quite difficult to interpret.

What I've posted there is a link to an article arguing that the final letter (J/P) of your type is actually conflating two different characteristics. One is the difference between the tendency to prefer closure or non-closure, and the other is the relative strength of your perception or judgement function. I think this is particularly relevant for introverts. For instance, an INTP extroverts his or her Intuition, and therefore appears to prefer non-closure. But it is inherent in the theory that for an introverted person the extroverted function is weaker. Therefore the INTP appears to prefer non-closure (seems more intuitive than thoughtful), but is actually stronger in judgement (T) than perception (N)

In other words in theory an INTP is always inTp (stronger thinking than intuition), an ENTP is always eNtp (stronger intuition than thinking) although both are 'P' (seem to avoid closure).

The article argues that instead of making these prejudgements, we ought to start with the raw data, considered independently. That is, judge quite separately whether you are introverted or extroverted, and which of your functions are strongest. Then put the pieces back together again and see what type you get. The results you get if you take the test are the raw scores on the four functions.

After all that I got eNtp - in other words, I am an extrovert, I prefer non-closure, and have stronger intuition than thinking, which is actually exactly what type theory would predict. I think they are collecting results, to see to what extent the raw data mesh with the already-existing theory.

Anyway, I think that's what it's all about, but since writing the above I am less confident. Post your scores if you do the test, because I'd be interested.
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