Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The raw and the cooked

Digby has a post about that Terri Schiavo thing. He suggests that the controversy reflects a social division between those who prioritise the link between parent and child, and those who prioritise the link between sexual partners.

Our mainstream culture (in the UK) prioritises adult pair-bonding. But many other cultures have prioritised birth-family ties, an example would be Roman culture, where the father had the right to control his daughter, even after she was married, and Arab culture, where women are called by their father's name not their husband's. Traditional Chinese culture is another example, where men had to defer to their father as long as they lived.

Digby's suggestion, taken up in the comments, is that religious conservatives in the US have this alternative value system - almost an anthropologically distinct culture. It makes me wonder how much of the division in that society is between these two models of family relationships? In one case adults always remain under parental control, and in the second adults break away and freely choose a new family.
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