Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Domestic and boring

Is women's writing really over-cautious, domestic and boring? Hell, no. Err... I mean Hell, yes.

Put it like this. At least three of my top ten authors are women: Austen, Woolf and Le Guin. There are several other women authors who I put way, way up in my must-reads. Joanna Russ for example. Charlotte Bonte.

I will aggressively - if necessary arrogantly - reject any notion that women have less creative or linguistic ability than men.

But - we live embedded in a world where women are rewarded for being cautious, domestic and boring. Some women bind their minds like they used to bind their feet. Some women hide their creativity and intellect. Dangerous ideas are - well - they are dangerous aren't they? People might not like you. Women are vulnerable economically and physically; people not liking you can have very bad long term consequences; and people can be very hostile to women who stand out, who are different and/or unattractive by conventional standards. It would be almost miraculous if this consistent inhibition didn't have some effect on the art work of women. Not on all, but overall.

What to do? Write like a man? Write about men? Pretend to be a man? Write masochistically about women being punished for stepping out of line, or about women who are rewarded for suppressing themselves? Get published? Get rejected by publishers? Write a blog instead? Great plan.
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