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Screen select

I just joined screen select, which is a DVD rental service. You pay a tenner a month, and you can watch as many DVDs as you like. The way it works - they send you a DVD, you watch it, and send it back by post. As soon you return it, they send you another one from your selection. The quicker you watch the more you get. You don't have to pay postage.

Two good aspects of this service for me are that there is a reasonably good selection of obscure films, and the only penalty for being absent minded is you don't get a replacement until you send the old one back.

To start you have to enter ten film choices into their system. I just thought of films at random.

Infernal Affairs
Gangster Number 1
In the Mood for Love
The Killer
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead*
Southern Comfort*
X files Season 1*
Y Tu Mama Tambien

* I've seen these before - the rest are new to me

It appears most of my choices are about intense relationships between violent men. Who knew? Anyway I entered those names on Wednesday afternoon, and this morning 'Scarface' arrived. We will see if the service continues to be so swift.
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