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me angry

I dislike the way that some bloggers talk about women's bodies in a cold and intellectual way, without any sense of caring or understanding. They are used to expressing opinions on a range of topics - let us say fiscal policy or electoral reform - where they have as much access to the data as anyone else. They have - perhaps legitimately - quite a lot of self confidence about their knowledge and opinions.

But the discussion I have been reading about abortion lately is often - I think - quite isolated from any appreciation of the blood, pain and peril associated with bringing a child to term, and from the emotional and economic sacrifices required of a woman who raises a child. This makes me angry, because I think it is more than ignorance, I think - how can I express it? - I think they act as if my life is an intellectual game, of which they are the masters, and in which I am some kind of pawn.

Now a man may look straight into the maw of pain that is childbirth and say - yes, I do demand each woman go through this, willing or not. But he should know what that demand is, and acknowledge it as such. I sometimes feel that writers don't really get it, they talk in cold terms as if it were an intellectual game.

Similarly, man could look at the time and money that a child needs and say - yes children that are not wanted should not be provided for by their fathers. But he should know what that demand is, and look at it full on.

So, what I am saying, is that a person can have a different opinion than me which is founded on loving understanding and I will disagree but it won't make me angry. But when I hear people talking about my body as if it were an unfeeling lump of meat acting as an incubator it makes me angry. So angry that I almost never post on the subject at all.
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