Communicator (communicator) wrote,

The Cuckoo

I saw a good film on BBC4, Kukushka (Cuckoo). It's set in Nothern Finland in 1944. two soldiers, from opposing armies, find shelter with a Sami (Lapp) woman. Yes, well, I like films like that. This one is quite funny, because the three protagonists speak three mutually incomprehensible languages, and they never learn to understand each other throughout the film, only you as viewer can read the subtitles and learn what they are all saying. I recommend it.

At one point realism sort-of breaks down, as the woman saves the man's life with her shamanism. She drums him back from the land of the dead, a very effective long sequence. The Land of the Dead reminded me rather of the way it is represented in the Earthsea stories.
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