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Something completely different

From Vitamin Q a lovely list of British comedy catch-prases. Don't they look inane out of context? But I love them all. Or at least they bring a smile to my face.

1 Ooh Betty!
2 That's you that is!
3 Go on, go on, go on, go on
4 Suits you, sir!
5 What are the chances of that?!
6 Nice to see you – to see you – nice!
7 I have a cunning plan...
8 Shut that door!
9 Titter ye not!
10 Power to the people!
11 Rock On Tommy!
12 Naff off
13 You wouldn't let it lie!
14 Don't panic! Don't panic!
15 You plonker!
16 I don't believe it!
17 I shall say zis only once
18 A-ha! (edit - what the hell is this one?)
19 I didn't get where I am today...
20 You dirty old man!
21 ...the play what I have wrote
22 Is it because I is black?
23 and it's goodnight from him

A few others I just thought of

- smeg head
- you silly old moo
- you can't see the join
- a little bit of politics there, ladies and gentlemen

Any classics missing? Any you don't recognise? (Non-brits probably won't recognise any - our comedy is based around stupid catch phrases.
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