Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Famous lines

According to happytune World Book Day was yesterday? oops. Happytune lists some of her favourite first lines of books, I particularly like 'All children, except one, grow.' (Peter Pan). When asked I usually pick 'The sky above the port was the colour of a television tuned to a dead channel' (Neuromancer). Any favourites you'd like to mention?

For WBD the Independent had a feature on 100 favourite fictional characters. An excellent choice, which I wouldn't have thought of, is the Muskrat from Moomintroll. The Muskrat is a philosopher who feigns indifference to world concerns, while in fact being greedy and lazy. My kind of guy.

By the way - do you think there is a dearth of vivid characters in SF? temeres wonders whether female characters in SF (books and other media) are less complex and interesting than male characters. iainjcoleman wonders whether that is because female actors are selected on more restrictive criteria than male actors.
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