Communicator (communicator) wrote,

When uniformity is compromised

Following up on the adorable Brad-in-a-dress pictures, this beautiful young woman has been banned from her high school year book because she is wearing a tuxedo. And that's boy's clothes you see? If you allow women to wear neckties, the terrorists will have won.

Covered in glory: the year book editor who was sacked for refusing to remove the offending picture

Covered in ignominy: the college principal who insisted that all girls wear low-drape gowns. As one idiotic parent commented 'when uniformity is compromised, then authority no longer holds'. Uniformity is compromised? WTF?

Metafilter discussion here. Most comments sensible, some moronic 'If they allowed this, next year some of the male students might wear dresses' (and?) 'rules are rules' (heard that before) 'she might as well tattoo I am gay on her forehead'' (ri-i-ight)

Incidentally, how many women reading this have worn a black tux to a formal affair? I have.
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