Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Double plus good

At the moment wrestling with mixed feelings. There are obviously loads of things wrong with the NHS (British National Health Service) - many of these are things wrong with medicine in general, such as sexist or belittling attitudes. At the same time I don't want to criticise the NHS too much, because the alternatives are worse. And someday our lovely NHS might be taken away.

Also because some comments by some non-Brits (nobody reading this) are sometimes a bit ignorant. I've read people asserting that you can't get X rays in Europe because of the evils of socialist medicine (this was in a discussion of Princess Di's accident) that everyone in Britain has to take the same drugs because of socialist medicine (this was in a discussion about the side-effects of blood pressure medicine), and quite recently on comments to a friend's post that British hospitals are evil and scary places. I'm afraid I responded angrily because I had just spent several hours with a very kind surgeon, in a spanking new hospital built last year, going through a range of options in a totally supportive and kindly way. Having said that I also have some very hair-raising experiences which were borderline 'evil and scary'.
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