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Some stuff (books, poems, pop songs whatever) you like a lot. Some stuff when you first encounter it you think *this is mine*. I don't know, it's a different feeling than liking a lot. It's more like - this existed already and nobody told me? Somebody took this stuff out my brain and made it into a TV show? Some examples that come to mind are Blakes 7, Alien and Pablo Neruda.

Anyway. Here are a few pop songs that hit me like that at various ages. Not an exhaustive list.

Bits and Pieces by The Dave Clark Five. I was pre-school. It had foot stamping.

Xanadu by Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich. Man, it had whips and guns and stuff. Plus - cowboys!

Never turn your back on Mother Earth by Sparks. Now I know this song is about revenge and the treachery of nature, but I was only a little girl, and I was feeling very oppressed by Christianity, so this excited me enormously.

Silver Machine by Hawkwind. Because - science fiction. It flies sideways through time! What more do you want?

Take me I'm Yours by Squeeze. To seek the helpless future.

White Riot by the Clash. I'd never heard anything with that much testosterone before.

Bangkok by Alex Chilton (see icon). Hey - I can't find the lyrics to this online, can anyone help? 'Here's a little thing that's gonna please ya/ Just a little town down in Indonesia' (NB - I know Bangkok isn't in Indonesia, and I rather suspect Alex Chilton did too)

Man out of time by Elvis Costello. Who's up late polishing the blade?

Make me smile by Cockney Rebel. Two reasons to love this. Another 'mother earth' reference, which scored big points with me when I was a teenager. Plus I misheard the lyrics. I thought it said 'I'll do what you want', whereas it actually said 'Or do what you want'. I prefer to think of him doing what I want.

Gosh, more and more are coming to mind. Better stop or I'll never get anything done. Happy memories anyway. I like this list because it makes me realise there are certain threads that I can see stretching back through all the decades of my life. I hope I never lose them.

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