Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Melon brain

I've been planning what I would say to political canvassers if they came round our house. What I wanted to say to the Tories wasn't anything about politics or economics. I wanted to remind them that when a woman stands up to speak in the House of Commons some of them find it amusing to shout 'Melons'. In other words, they don't criticise her ideas, or her delivery, or even her self presentation. Just that she has breasts. Fine, just don't expect anyone with breasts to vote for you.

Fine. I had it all worked out. Last night I get a phone call. This is my big chance to make my point.

(voice on phone) 'I am phoning on behalf of the Conservative party, will you be voting for us in the upcoming election?'
(me) 'Not for a million pounds!' (slams phone down)

Dang! I must have been channeling Doctor Evil.

My daughter was listening.

(daughter) 'Mum, would you vote for them if they gave you a million pounds to do it?'
(me) 'ermm.. yes.'
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