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Latest Dobson update

I've ranted in the past about James Dobson, and no doubt I will again. To recap - he's the creepy guy who writes in sleazy lipsmacking detail about 'disciplining' children. The last time I mentioned him he was boasting about beating his little dog with a leather belt. He brings out in the open the often hidden (and hence distorted) obsessions with sex and control that I think underpin the socially regressive outlook.

Now from world o'crap I get this delightful Dobson quote.

I strongly recommend that parents of strong-willed and rebellious females, especially, quietly keep track of the particulars of their daughters’ menstrual cycles. Not only should you record when their periods begin and end each month, but also make a comment or two each day about moods.

Hey - that's nice for a teenage girl isn't it? Her dad not only keeps records of her menstruation, but 'makes a comment or two each day about moods' when she's on the rag. Nothing unhealthy or demeaning about that is there?

But it's not just teenage girls who get affected by female hormones, oh no.

A severely menopausal woman may accuse her innocent and bewildered husband of infidelity.

Imagine that!

EDIT. Credit where it's due. I took the time to read Dobson's other articles on parenting teenagers (linked on the right of his page), and I found them to be quite sensible and moderate

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