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Some have called thee mighty

Top fifty movie deaths. There's a lot of happy memories in there. It's rather confusingly organised but it's worth scanning the whole section for the other 'good deaths' that didn't make the top 50 in their poll.

Their top ten

1 - Psycho shower scene
2 - Dr Strangelove 'bomb rider'
3 - King Kong
4 - Die Hard, Alan Rickman death fall
5 - Bonnie and Clyde, orgasmic bullet-blizzard
6 - Bambi's mum (off-screen)
7 - Drew Barrymore on the phone in Scream
8 - Gladiator killing Commodus and then dying
9 - Death of Obi Wan Kenobi ('If you strike me down I will become more powerful..')
10 - White Heat 'Top of the World Ma'

A diverse choice. Here are mine

1. Alien jumps out of John Hurt's tummy
2. Jack Carter pointlessly killed by sniper
3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, running towards the guns
4. Boromir
5. Mr Orange shoots Mr Blonde
6. The exploding head in Scanners
7. Jaws, first death
8. The Live Burial in Blood Simple
9. Jack Vicennes in LA confidential: 'Rolo Tomasi'
10: 'What's that crawling out of the telly... aaargh' (Ringu, or possibly Pingu)

over to you
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