Communicator (communicator) wrote,

Car crash update

Thanks everyone for your kind comments when I mentioned my car crash. It turned out my neck was OK - hurt for a couple of days, then got better. The insurance people have taken the car away - but they say it won't be back until 8th Feb. Yow. This is one way to get some exercise. I walked to work yesterday - 40 minutes, so not too bad. Everyone is kindly offering me lifts as well.

The night before last somebody told me about her crash, where the car flipped over and over. That must be so horrible. I have always wondered what it was like to be involved in something like this, I think the strongest feeling is one of icy helplessness.

I often think to myself how very lucky I am, and have always been. If things had been slightly different I could have been hurt. And more widely - how lucky we all are, to be among the most privileged human beings who have ever lived, with access to information and ideas that no other human being has ever had. I would be dead (twice - from complications of pregnancy, and from appendicitis) if I wasn't an inhabitant of a modern technological society. Sometimes my good fortune makes me feel a bit dizzy. As Harry Hill say 'What are the chances?'
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