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The Answers

Here are the answers. I'm quite pleased with my choices of lines. I'm very poor at doing these quizzes myself, but I always enjoy reading the little extracts people have chosen

The Big Lebowski
Cop: I don't like your jerk-off name, I don't like your jerk-off face, I don't like your jerk-off attitude, and I don't like you jerk-off. Do I make myself clear?
Hero: What? I wasn't paying attention. (*is hit in face with cup of coffee*) Ow! You fascist!

(The Dude is interrogated by the Chief of Police in Malibu after crashing pornographer Jackie Treehorn's party.)

Get Carter
'He's stark bollock naked, but he's got his socks on!', ''Aye, that's how they do it up North'.

(Some slimy Cockney gangsters watch a nasty porn movie)

'This doesn't mean we're engaged or anything'

(Thingummybob gives Ripley his tracking device)

Blade Runner
'Did you find any holes?', 'One so far.', 'You're a dedicated man.'

(Decker pretends to be a lascivious Union Rep in order to interview an android posing as an exotic dancer)

NB - I got this from the script, which I have, and temeres' comment makes me think it might not be in the film. oops.

Donnie Darko
'He asked me to... forcibly insert the Lifeline exercise card into my anus.'

(tee hee. I like this line because Donnie's parents, who hadn't come across too well up to that point, laugh and prove themselves human after all)

The Long Good Friday
'Alan found him dying. He'd been nailed to the floor.', 'When was this, then?', 'Well, it must've been just after you saw him and just before Alan saw him. Otherwise, you'd have noticed, wouldn't you? I mean, a geezer nailed to the floor.'</strike>

(The least well known of the films I used. A classic Brit gangster movie. I was also thinking of quoting the attempted seduction of Helen Mirren in a lift 'I want to lick you all over.' *silence* , lift arrives at ground floor *ding!* 'Ah, saved by the bell.')

The Thing
'I've got six dead Norwegians on my hands, a burned up flying saucer, and we've just destroyed the scientific find of the century. Now fuck off!'

(well, that more or less summarises the plot for you.)

Pulp Fiction
'You wanna fight? You wanna fight? Good, I like to fight!'

(Nobody got this one. These words are heard by Butch through a closed door, when he is returning to save the life of Marcellus Wallace from the psycho rapist. A powerful line in context, but one which isn't famous, unlike almost every other line in the film.)

'I've read like one book in my entire life, and I'm not gonna let you throw it on that fire.'

(What a super line. I love that character. 'I've done the slut thing David, it's getting kinda old.')

'Lemme take you down in the basement and show you what you've become'.

(Nobody got this one either. If archbishopm was doing livejournal at the moment, I think she would have recognised it. It's almost the first line in the film (and hence the end of Shelby's timeline) and quite a good metaphor.)

'I find this disgusting but I can't help myself', 'Good... don't fight it.', 'I am fighting it.'

(Hey how come nobody guessed this one? Anyway it's very amusing)

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