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Lines from films. Guess the films. I think you'll like the quotes; I do. All are very well known films.

1: Cop: I don't like your jerk-off name, I don't like your jerk-off face, I don't like your jerk-off attitude, and I don't like you jerk-off. Do I make myself clear?
Hero: What? I wasn't paying attention. (*is hit in face with cup of coffee*) Ow! You fascist!

2: 'He's stark bollock naked, but he's got his socks on!', ''Aye, that's how they do it up North'. (altariel1)

3: 'This doesn't mean we're engaged or anything' (this one's easy!) (snowking)

4: 'So did you find any holes?', 'One so far.', 'You're a dedicated man.' (this one's hard!) (temeres)

5: 'He asked me to... forcibly insert the Lifeline exercise card into my anus.' (snowking)

6: 'Alan found him dying. He'd been nailed to the floor.', 'When was this, then?', 'Well, it must've been just after you saw him and just before Alan saw him. Otherwise, you'd have noticed, wouldn't you? I mean, a geezer nailed to the floor.' (kalypso_v)

7: 'I've got six dead Norwegians on my hands, a burned up flying saucer, and we've just destroyed the scientific find of the century. Now fuck off!' (snowking)

8: 'You wanna fight? You wanna fight? Good, I like to fight!' (difficult to find a quote from this film which wasn't completely obvious)

9: 'I've read like one book in my entire life, and I'm not gonna let you throw it on that fire.' (snowking)

10: 'Lemme take you down in the basement and show you what you've become'.

Bonus question

11: 'I find this disgusting but I can't help myself', 'Good... don't fight it.', 'I am fighting it.'
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