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Lemony Snicket

I went to see 'Lemony Snicket' last night, with my daughter. It's based on the first three books in the Series of Unfortunate Events series. I thought it was fine. It's a kids' film, but it's got very good visual styling, and reflects the exuberant melancholy of the books. Lots of good character acting, and it was funny throughout. It was quite dark for a kids' film, with people being burned and eaten alive, and the threat of forced marriage for the fourteen year old ('You have to work at a marriage' leers her evil uncle).

Actually I haven't read the books properly, just glanced at them and got the general gist, and Anna tells me the plot was somewhat mucked about with. However, I think they got the mood more or less right. I was pleased that Jude Law played Lemony, and like Robert De Niro in 'Brazil' there was an additional joke that one never saw his face. Lovely voice though.

And, the question one always has to ask - 'Was it the good Jim Carrey or the crap Jim Carrey?'. I think it was a new Jim Carrey. It wasn't the restrained Carrey of Eternal Sunshine or Truman Show, but neither was it Mr 'Alriiighty-then'. I thought he successfully played up the gothic caricature without descending into self-caricature. He won me over. Meryl Streep was good too.

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