Communicator (communicator) wrote,

One year closer to the heat death of the universe

My most memorable personal event of the year - getting married, July 17th, after a mere 14 years of cohabitation.

My saddest personal event - the break up of my lovely work team, whom I will miss.

This sporting life - Euro 2004, in Portugal. We was robbed by that Swiss referee.

A life in film - difficult in that there have been many good films, few brilliant. Eternal Sunshine, I heart huckabees, code 46, and Hero come to mind.

I have read - what have I read? It's all a blur. Baudelaire, Mishima, Michel Faber, Ursula Le Guin

Music to my ears - Franz Ferdinand was this year's discovery for me. Best song - Take Me Out, also covered by the Scissor Sisters. SS also did a good cover of Comfortably Numb.

Big politics - the US elections. We was robbed by that Swiss referee, errr, may be getting confused here.

TV - I think this was the year I discovered Firefly (as I say, it's all a blur in retrospect) and also enjoyed Peepshow, 6 feet Under, The Shield and various vicious and sadistic murder mysteries on BBC and ITV

Most fancied - Jayne Cobb gets pride of place this year, too many others to detail, but special mention due to the various fighting figures in Chinese cinema, which I may now get into in a big way

What am I looking forward to in 2005? Perhaps getting a new job. Finishing my novel (now at 122,000 words, but needs a lot more work). Redemption 04.

Hopes and fears - where to start? My optimism seems to have died this year. But as Steve Earle says 'It's been broken many times before, a fearless heart just comes back for more.' That's how I want to be.

Now off to my sister's for drunken celebrations

Entropy - pah!

  • Phew what a scorcher

    I see Gove has backed down on climate change and it's back in the curriculum again.

  • GCSE Computer Science

    My book is now for sale

  • LJ Settings

    At the moment I have set up this journal so that only friends can comment. I hate doing this, but I was just getting too much Russian spam.

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