Communicator (communicator) wrote,

House of flying daggers

I went to see 'House of Flying Daggers', 11am Boxing Day. It didn't disappoint me. It's by Zhang Yimou, the director of 'Hero', but it is somewhat more accessible than that film, and visually lush. It's also the most sexy Chinese film I've seen. Nobody actually has sex on shot, but there's a fairly fraught three-way love triangle, featuring maximum violence between and against the lovers. At the end the two guys are going to fight, and you realise that you haven't seen a fight so far that didn't have a woman in it (usually Zhang Ziyi kicking the hell out of one of the guys).

My most erotic fight scene of the year continues to be the chess-house fight in Hero, but 'Flying Daggers' is probably sexier overall. ZZ plays Mei (a rebel) and Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro are policemen out to get her, with various subplots on hand. To my mind, BTW. Lau was way, way, more desirable but then he's my age, and his character is more repressed and evil.
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