Communicator (communicator) wrote,

He think he'll blow our minds.

Very big thanks to andrewducker for this. It is literally of the 'if I hadn't seen it with my eyes I wouldn't believe it' class. The krankies sing 'Star Man' by David Bowie. Seems to be a clip from Paul Merton's 'Room 101', where it was presumably used to illustrate the worst thing in the world. This is even less appealing than the rat harness.

For the benefit of any damn foreigners reading this: the krankies are so, so, wrong in so many ways. They are a 'comedy' duo, of a man and a schoolboy only the 'Dirty Wee Boy' is played by his very short wife. And they've been going since the sixties. Yup that little kid singing Star Man is a fairly old lady. Let the children boogie.
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