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All your base

Basejumping means jumping off a high cliff or structure using a parachute to save yourself at the last moment. Here is a breathtaking film clip (14MB Quicktime) which was linked from metafilter.

This video has been assembled by Norwegian basejumpers themselves over a period of two years. The video contains sequences of them ripping off the tallest hotel in Oslo through a hotel room window, antennas, spans, mountain massives in Romsdalen, Lysefjorden, Voss and practically anything else that stretches high enough to jump from. The video also features unique footage from Asia and Europe - the first basejump from a building in China and the first tandem-jump off a mountain.

But isn't it dangerous? Hell, yes. Some of the people in the video are already dead.

Fatalities are higher among girls. "while 10-15% of BASE students are women, something like 35% of student accidents happen to women." This person thinks it is because guys who want to impress girls pretend to be able to train them in safe practice.

EDIT: have extracted the offending link, and I think it works OK now.

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